Evaluate Your Needs

Evaluate Your Needs

The skilled personnel attending to every need while supporting us through the difficult moments. Mom was treated with dignity and respect and for that I will be forever grateful to the wonderful staff. You are all truly angels. Thank you.

Linda J.

The experience is both a give and take, and you must be willing to share your experiences with them but also be willing to listen to their stories. Each of you takes something away from the experience.

Nancy R.

You learn something every day from other people. As a deaf person, they respect me and are patient with me. Activities keep everyone busy and social so they aren’t confined to their rooms. All staff are all really good to me and friendly. I don’t have anything negative to say about staff.

C.S. Bethany Heights Tenant

I have worked at Bethany Lutheran Home for 17 years and have chosen to work in the Memory Care unit, which is a big enjoyment for me. The memory care unit is very busy. You work with these people every day and you form a bond with them. I have enjoyed working in the unit and learning about different behaviors. I have formed bonds with these people and would not have it any other way!